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Alice Top pattern

November 6, 2009

Good news, my new pattern is up! It is a beautiful lace top knit from top down in DK-weight yarn. The  pattern comes in two sets of sizes: 30-40 inches and 42-54 inches. You can see more photos and info here or on Ravelry.

Alice top

It was designed for the fashion show on UK Ravelry Day in June 2009, organised by Joanne Watson from British Yarn. The topic of the show was anything British. So I started to  think about British things that I like and thought about Alice in Wonderland. It is a very English book and everyone loves it. I like the cute little apron Alice wears, with its square neck and ruffles. Then there was this other Victorian thing – beautiful lace stitch, that I wanted to use in something for a long time.

Alice in Wonderland illustration by Sir John Tenniel

So that was the start. I added two more different stitches and the design was ready. Luckily for me, my design was accepted and I got the yarn support. I wanted to make the top in some summery yarn, but as it was a Everything British event, I got Bluefaced Leicester wool form, as it is the type of yarn that actually originates from Britain.  It is a lovely, very soft yarn which comes from British sheep and is spun in the UK as well.

To be honest, it was my first project knit from top-down and on the round and I enjoyed it very much, so much that I don’t want to go back to flat knitting anymore unless I have to. Center lace stitch works brillianly knit in the round, as one doesn’t need to make decreases on the purl side (not my favourite thing in the world). And two other lace stitches are very simple.

Well, it took me a while to write and re-write and then ammend the pattern, but I got there.  But I couldn’t have gotten here without brilliant editing by Tana Pageler.

I hope you enjoy knitting and wearing it!


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