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My new project – Twinkle Next Big Thing Dress

March 17, 2010

Ever since I got myself a new sewing machine last Christmas, I was thinking about new sewing projects. And I found one – Next Big Thing dress from Twinkle Sews book by Wenlan Chia. I just fell in love with that scalloped neck.

Twinkle sews - Next Big Thing Dress

Twinkle sews - Next Big Thing Dress

To be honest, it has been probably several years since I’ve sewn any garment, but I am hoping that sewing is just like riding a bicycle: once you master it, it stays with you forever.

I spend quite a lot of time browsing through all these amazing fabric shops on Goldhawk Road in London couple of weeks ago (read more about Goldhawk Road shops here) and I bought some rather bright cotton lawn and some white silk/cotton for lining.

Cutting the pattern out was a  challenge. For a start, a pattern for each garment comes in 4 different files, one for each size. I had to print out 49 pages for size 4 (UK size 8), just to discover that it was more of a wishful thinking and I actually needed size 6 (UK size 10). As there is no pattern for size 6, only for size 8, in theory I would have to print another 49 pages, scotch tape them together, cut the pattern out, compare it with the smaller one and make the changes. It was too much for me, besides, the pattern itself allows some errors. So I decided to stick with size 4 and make a dress from lining first to make any changes and be sure everything was fine.

So, here I am, with all the lining sewn together and the dress cut out of my main fabric. I made some changes to original pattern. First of all, I made the main bodice 3.5cm (approx. 1.5″) longer, as original bodice for my size was too short even for e line. Then, I made the waistband wider, 6cm instead of 3.5cm. I also decided against the elastic band, as shown by a lovely finished project here. And lastly, my skirt is not as full as it should be, partly because I didn’t buy enough fabric to accommodate the pattern. I simply forgot that one needs more patterned fabric that plain for a project.

My Twinkle Next Big Thing Dress

My Twinkle Next Big Thing Dress

I really hope to finish it this week, although I am known to be very slow with my projects.

Chevron Trinity Cardigan is now available from Interweave Store

March 8, 2010

Chevron Trinity Cardigan, my second ever published design, which came out last autumn in Knitscene magazine, is now available to download from Interweave Store.

Chevron Trinity Cardigan

Chevron Trinity Cardigan (c) Interweave Knits

Ravelympics results – Annabelle Cardigan

March 4, 2010

This year I decided to participate in Ravelympics – an event that coincided with WInter Olympics and during which you were supposed to challenge yourself with a project. My challenge was to design a top-down seamless cardigan in Aran weight yarn and knit a sample, all in 2 weeks timeframe.

I spent quite  a lot of time looking for a perfect stitch for my cardi. I usually do, partly because I have a lot of stitch dictionaries and partly because sometimes  I am rather indecisive. But once I started knitting, I wasn’t really happy with the result. That was a point when I actually was in doubt if the design would work altogether. But I don’t like to give up, so I ripped all the yoke and knitted everything again.  In the end, everything worked only with a fourth attempt.

Anyway, I am really happy with the result. I am working on the pattern now and hope to publish it in April.

Annabelle Cardigan

Annabelle Cardigan

Annabelle Cardigan

Annabelle Cardigan

Ysolda Teague in The Times

March 2, 2010

The Times had featured an article on Ysolda Teague, a knitwear designer from Scotland. I am sure that anyone who has been knitting in the last couple of years have heard about her and most of you have probably made one of her designs. For those who don’t know, she is one of the great success stories of knitting and Internet in the recent years. She started designing 4 years ago and now she sells thousands of patterns.

Ysolda is a great inspiration to me in many ways. Her designs are very inventive and unusual, they always stand out. Plus she is a great example of what Internet can do to market your products all over the world.

I was amazed to read that Ysolda managed to make a minimal wage in 6 weeks when she started designing. It is definitely very encouraging, as I am nowhere close to earning a minimum wage. So I’ll better do some work then :)


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