What I am working on at the moment

I had a long break from writing up new patterns this summer, but now I am back.

At the moment I am working on a cowl and a neckwarmer patterns, which are great for quick Christmas presents, and one absolutely gorgeous wrap cardigan.

Here are some photos of the finished projects. Patterns are now being edited and tested and will be published soon.

Carmel cardigan

Carmel  cardigan was inspired by beautiful town of Carmel on the Pacific Coast in California, which I visited this spring. Cardi is elegant and feminine. It is a quick knit as it is made in Aran weight yarn, and lace pattern is very easy to memorise.

Carmel cardigan - knitting pattern from Katya Wilsher

Carmel cardigan

Carmel cardigan - knitting pattern by Katya Wilsher

Carmel Cardigan

 Esprit cowl

Esprit  cowl was knit in absolutely gorgeous Cascade Venezia Worsted. It is 70% merino and 30% silk, so it is very soft, perfect to be worn next to your skin.

Cowl is knit back and forth in rows, then both edges are joined together.

Esprit cowl

Esprit cowl

Esprti cowl

Esprit cowl

Neckwarmer – so far without a name

This is a cute neckwarmer in Aran weigh yarn. I used less than 100 g of Colourmart Shiny Cotton 9/15NM (which actually has only some cotton, but also has merino and cashmere fibres, which makes it very soft) which I have left after Carmel cardi.

Neckwarmer is knit on the round. As it is usual with my designs, the main stitch is a lace stitch. This stitch is perfect for knitting on the round. It has decreases in even and odd number rows, but this way I only have to do knit decreases (k2tog and ssk) and avoid purl decrease (p2tog and ssp).

Unfortunately, this neckwarmer still hasn’t got a name (I am pretty bad with that).


Lace neckwarmer

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